Cleaning systems


  • For component cleaning with Chlorinated solvents – trichloroethylene / perchlorethylene

  • Hydrocarbons

  • Hermetically Sealed solvent component cleaning system

  • Meets current environmental regulations

  • Vacuum drying

  • Cleaning in fresh, distilled solvent every cycle

  • Ultra-low solvent use and emissions

  • Complete stainless steel construction

  • Small foot-print : higher cleaning capacity

  • Easy service / maintenance access

  • Integrated handling options

  • Wide range of sizes


Environmentally compliant, safe and effective component solvent cleaning systems that offer the ultimate cleaning effectiveness. Ultrasonic solvent process systems designed to your needs and your budget. With complete flexibility to adapt to your changing production needs. Systems are designed to clean all kinds of components from miniature substrates to large industrial castings, meeting essential environmental and safety standards and offering flexibility, operational advantages in economy and low maintenance. Precision component cleaning of critical components to meet industry-specific standards.

  • Modular equipment for cell based manufacturing

  • Centralised or multi-station systems for higher volume or in-line applications

  • Bench-top machines

  • Complete, integrated materials handling systems.


Our solvent component cleaning systems offer the following specification as a minimum standard.

  • Sealed processing - maximum solvent retention and operational safety

  • All stainless construction

  • High quality welded stainless pipe work

  • PLC and touch screen control

  • Auto fill and drain Leak prevention/containment system

  • Refrigerated freeboard - complete independant temperature control

  • High level process control/flexibility