Whiteknight Air Driven Pumps

AT Series Pumps Overview

The White Knight AT Series pumps are constructed from 100% PTFE and PFA. The air shuttle valve does contain a ceramic sleeve and spool, but other than that, all components, wetted non-wetted, are PTFE or PFA. AT Series pumps are capable of pumping liquids at a constant or thermal cycling 210º Celsius.

  • Absolutely no metal parts.
  • Absolutely no o-rings.
  • Absolutely no lubrication in air shuttle or shift mechanisms.
  • No preventative maintenance over the warranty period.
  • One year from install, 18 month from purchase, no cycle or time limit warranty.
  • Class 100 clean room assembly, testing, and packaging.
  • Unique construction requires no re-torquing or re-tightening of sealed surfaces.
  • No non-fluoropolymer parts in pump (shuttle valve does contain two ceramic parts).
  • Virtually any size or style of liquid connection in the industry without the use of NPT threads.
  • Field changeable liquid connectors.
  • End user rebuildable/repairable.
  • Detent-free shuttle valve design allows for only one moving part in the shuttle valve, enhancing reliability.
  • Patented Synchro-Thread® design allows for safe, no-maintenance, leak-free use in constant or thermal cycling applications between zero and 210º Celsius.
  • Remote-able shuttle valve.
  • Gravity reset focus pump to re-start after virtually any stall.
  • Patented Pneumatic Logic® forces reciprocating portions of the pump to decelerate just before each shift, greatly reducing liquid pulsation and pump vibration.
  • Pneumatic Logic® design allows for pumping against any amount of back pressure, up to dead head. Upon back pressure reduction, the pump automatically re-starts.
  • Available with leak detection.
  • Available with electronic controls and/or monitoring.
  • Available with added pulsation dampener to reduce pulsation even further.

AT Series pumps rebuilt by White Knight carry a full warranty just as the new pump did (at no extra charge.) White Knight will warranty AT Series pumps rebuilt by any non-White Knight technician who successfully completes a two day training course at the White Knight facility in Kamas, Utah.